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    Concrete Canoe

    Teams and Roles

    The GMU-ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition provides civil engineering students an opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience and leadership skills. Positions for this year-long competition can be simplified into 3 categories: Project Management, Design Lead, and General Project Member.

    The GMU Concrete Canoe Team has a position for you no matter what classes you've taken, talents, and skills you have. So if you are looking for a chance to expand and grow your knowledge outside of class and while learning professionalism, were glad to have you aboard!


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    Steel Bridge


    ASCE/AISC's Student Steel Bridge Competition is an annual competition that challenges student teams to develop a scale-model steel bridge. The team must determine how to fabricate their bridge and then plan for an efficient assembly under timed construction at the competition. Bridges are then load tested and weighed. The bridge must span approximately 20 feet, carry 2,500 pounds, and must meet all other specifications of the competition rules. Bridge aesthetics are also judged and considered in the final results of the competition. Some of the positions for this competition are: Project Manager, Designer, Building Team, and Presenter.

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    Concrete Bowling/Corn hole


    Design, Competition team, Construction, Mix design, Presentation.

  • Volunteering Opportunity


    Volunteer With Adopt-a-Highway Program Under VDOT Supervision

    Outdoor highway clean-up at least twice a year

    Events in compliance with state regulations and under GMU restrictions


    Contact us at gmuasce@gmail.com for more information.


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